Our Core Guides Everything We Do

It starts with our Core Purpose - what we do each day, our mission. Our Vision describes why we exist and paints a picture of the longer-term impact we want to have. Our Core Beliefs describe our values - how we live and interact with each other and our community.

The Kingi Ohana House programs and activities are created to achieve our purpose and get closer to our vision.

Our Core Purpose - What We Do

Guide individuals in developing the skills, self-confidence, and resilience to face life’s challenges head on

Our Vision - Why We Do It

A better world through the cultivation of leaders who help shape and strengthen communities

Our Core Beliefs - How We Live

Representing each of the five petals, we live by these beliefs


Everything is built on the unity and strength of our traditional and extended family


We are strengthened by reaching out and supporting our community


We grow and are successful because we strive to learn more about ourselves, others, and the world


As leaders, we role model the principles the Kingi family has lived by: humility, courage, integrity, perseverance, loyalty, and indomitable spirit


Our true impact is dependent upon our compassion for and acceptance of others