Kingi’s Kajukenbo - A staple in the community for over three decades, Kingi’s Kajukenbo has been cultivating empowerment in its students and participants by reaching out through martial arts, education, and mentoring. Students will learn to defend themselves while learning discipline, respect, concentration, patience, self control, self confidence, courage, perseverance, and humility. Kingi’s Kajukenbo connects individuals in a family atmosphere, providing for personal achievement, team and group achievement, with examinations proceeding as they move up in rank.

Ohana University - Provides education in proper conduct, usage of resources, responsibility, progressive learning and providing tutors and internships within the organization. We effectively prepare our youth with the skills and vision necessary to transition into institutions of higher education and be successful in pursuing their goals.

Summer Camp - Safe & fun environment for children to work on strong positive attitudes, learning self-respect, self-discipline, and opportunities for socialization. We focus on Life Skills for Success. Our curriculum include activities to enhance leadership skills, goal setting and follow through, responsibilities, courtesy, teamwork and much more.

Real Fit Plus - No fluff, no filler, just results. Providing the truth about your health, fitness and nutrition and how to make it work for you. No matter your goal: shed pounds, strengthen, tone & tighten your entire body, get motivated to better your health, get the truth about nutrition, we have got you covered.

The Man Time Project - Provides an outlet for all of our young men to speak their minds, ask the tough questions, pursue their goals and gain insight in a fun & positive environment. We have group outings and get together regularly with other successful men and young men to share our life experiences. Our young men graduate from this program ready to assimilate into and contribute to society as successful young adults.

Made With Love - Empowering young girls to find their self-value, self-worth and learn to love themselves despite what the world may see. Reaching young girls through mentorship, coaching, and workshops.

Movement from the Soul Dance Academy - A new school built on old school technique and foundation. MFTS is committed to making dance a meaningful experience for all. We provide an outlet to children, young adults, and adults to express themselves in artistic and creative ways.